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Recommended software
For read fulltext data from documents:
Office 2010 iFilter:
Adobe iFilter 9.0:

Installation instructions

Database install
1) Open SQL Management studio
2) Restore database from file "DB\db.bak"
3) Execute commands from file "DB\enable CLR.sql" in restored database

Install certificates
1) Import "Certificate\ScarabeusCA.cer" into LocalMachine\Trusted Root Authority
2) Import "Certificate\ScarabeusDemo.pfx" into LocalMachine\My
* For import use MMC (run "mmc", add snap-in certificates for local computer)

Install server
1) Execute "Server\ScarabeusServerSetup.msi"
2) Click Next on all pages

Configure server
1) Open "C:\Program Files (x86)\MOIS s.r.o\Scarabeus DMS server\ScarabeusServer.exe.config"
2) Configure database connection string to restored database
3) Change in appSettings
    a) LogFilePath - path to log file
    b) smtpHost - SMTP server address (ex.
    c) smtpUser - SMTP server user
    d) smtpPwd - SMTP user password
    e) smtpDefaultCredentials - 0=SMTP server require authentication
    f) smtpSenderEmail - this email address will be use as FROM address in send emails
    g) adminMail - administrator email, system send allerts to this email
    h) PublishDomain - publish address in format http://<-ADDR->:15384/public or https://<-ADDR->:15385/public
    i) DefaultStorePath - local directory for save files
    j) DeleteStorePath - local directory for move deleted files
    k) TemporaryFilesPath - local directory for temporary files
4) Change server name in all URL adresses: https://localhost:15385/public ->
    a) Change in "appSettings" region
    b) Change in "services" region
5) Enable SSL and pair certificate with SSL port
    a) Execute command in file "enable_SSL.txt" in command line (start command line with administrator rights)
6) Start "ScarabeusServer" service

* <-ADDR-> = is public or network address of your server computer

Install client
1) Execute install "Client\ClientSetup.msi"
2) Run client from desktop shortcut
3) First admin login use:
    Server:  localhost  (or server address)
    User name:  admin
    Password:  a
4) Change data store addresses after first login:
    a) Open dialog in menu - Settings -> Disk spaces
    b) Select disk end click on edit
    c) Set useful disk space
    d) Change all server address to real (ex. https://localhost:15385/files ->
    e) Save settings
5) That is ALL

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